Youth Thirst Vision Statement…

We are a Supported Housing Accommodation for 18-30’s. *Although we will consider applications for those outside of this age group*.
Our accommodation is for those who are homeless/ been released from prison/ have drug, alcohol, or mental health related issues.
In order to reduce the risk of offending or self-harm, we work together with the police, prisons, Y.O.I, probation, social workers, and crisis teams. Whilst we accept our Service Users for who they are, we endeavour to work alongside them, their families, and other third parties to implement positive change, equip them for life, and enable them to reintegrate into society.
We at Youth Thirst, as individuals, professionals, and community leaders, believe that the youth and young adults are our future. Therefore, we are committed to enabling them to make a positive contribution to society. We believe that a person’s past does not dictate their future, and with the correct support, encouragement, and equipping, *all* are capable of excelling in life!!!

Youth Thirst CIC

Youth Thirst CIC is non-profit organisation that focuses on providing shelter, social welfare services and life skills to young vulnerable men aged between 18 – 30 years old.

Our property is manned and surveillance 24/7, with CCTV throughout the whole establishment. We have monitoring for non-residents to restrict and monitor visitors.

The organisation was established in December 2014 by 3 individuals who decided to take a risk on the vulnerable youths.

We currently have two properties in Nottingham that homes, feeds and supports 13 young individuals with complex needs.

Here at Youth Thirst we target the young, vulnerable and socially excluded group of society.

Most of these youths have offending history and we try to provide a sense of security, stability and support. Most of these young men have been socially excluded and had negative starts within life, often being included within gangs and criminal activities. Most of the individuals do not have family support or safety networks to rely on. They are now ready to make a change in their circumstances.

Whilst being a resident of youth thirst, they gain essential life skills and encouragement to gain in-dependency. We integrate these individuals back into society with detailed support plans and regular key worker sessions.

Soon, we plan to create business ventures that will help support the costs of running and upkeep to our property. The business ventures will also be used to provide work experience and employment for our residents.

We are looking to expand over the east midlands area.

Here at Youth Thirst, we strive on putting the youth first!

We also welcome volunteers.

Email: | office 01159989848